Annual Report conceptualization and design

I had been working as New Avenues for Youth’s communications coordinator for two months when I was tasked with creating the organization’s annual report. We had just completed an amazing collaborative mural project between professional artists and thirty youth we served, so I drew on the visual themes of that project as design inspiration. I worked closely with our quality assurance specialist to select statistics and facts from the past year that best encompassed our mission and organizational strengths, and wove in the narrative of one of our most successful clients to provide a human face to all those numbers. The project was one of my favorites to date, and I loved the entire process, from developing its color palette out of visual themes in our youth’s mural to deciding on a minimalist layout, to interviewing Charlyn so we could share her story, to deciding that we should share the report as a slideshow on the internet rather than in a printed publication, as a means of both saving money and lessening our environmental impact.
2013 Annual Report design by Natalie Baker
In April of 2013, I designed a second annual report for New Avenues. For the six months leading up to that, we had been trying to decide whether or not to re-brand the organization due to a watered down identity that felt out of touch. Finally, the decision was made that without the full resources to re-brand, I would instead subtly modernize the brand and implement that identity across all channels. I identified our upcoming annual report as a great opportunity to launch the renewed identity. The agency’s main colors, navy and gold, were brightened slightly and served as the report’s primary color palette. I also decided to place higher emphasis on showcasing our organization’s amazing programs and outcomes by dedicating full spreads to each program and an accompanying youth narrative. In one year, our annual report went from twelve pages to twenty-six, significantly increasing its mission-based appeal.

About Natalie

I'm a jack of all trades, master of none, and I'm okay with that. I'm just another person trying to figure out how to utilize all these skills and interests that I unconsciously gained while I was just being a kid. All I want in life is to be safe, satisfied, and kind. I'm starting to realize that those are hefty dreams, but it's gonna take more than daily doses of harsh reality to deter me.

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Hello there, fellow internet user. I'm a communications coordinator for New Avenues for Youth during the day and help run the world's first guitar magazine aimed at women during my spare time. This blog is my recently renovated collection of projects I've worked on. Enjoy, and feel free to contact me if you'd like!


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